Make your landscape a vital part of your home’s livable space, where you can relax, entertain and bask in nature’s splendor. Landscapes by Linda specializes in creating landscape designs that are intimate and enjoyable outdoor spaces that reflect your lifestyle and increase your home’s value.

Gallery of Landscape Design Projects:
1999 Northwest Flower & Garden Show
2000 Northwest Flower & Garden Show
2001 Northwest Flower & Garden Show
2011 Northwest Flower & Garden Show

Before & After Landscape Renovations:
Redmond Landscape Design Project
Mukilteo Landscape Design Project
Woodinville Landscape Design Project
Seattle Homes and Lifestyles ‘Home of the Year’ award 2006

1999 Northwest Flower and Garden Show
LBL Landscape Group

Urban Horticulture Award

“The Tranquil Garden Room”

A bond with nature is important to comfort us in our hectic lives and soothe the heart, soul, and our minds. Water, attractive plantings, and wood structures combine to create a sanctuary at home – to work and relax. Step into your garden room to escape into the tranquility of nature at home.

Landscapes by Linda gallery page slider image
Landscapes by Linda gallery page slider image

2000 Northwest Flower and Garden Show
LBL Landscape Group

Edifice Award

“Backyard Pleasures”

What’s your pleasure? Come relax out back on the upper deck or sit around the campfire and listen to the soothing sounds of the nearby babbling brook. Imagine yourself in the woods surrounded by wild life while fishing in your own pond. This is your backyard.

Landscapes by Linda gallery page slider image
Landscapes by Linda gallery page slider image

2001 Northwest Flower and Garden Show
LBL Landscape Group

Silver Medal Award

“With Water and Stone”

The inspiration for the landscape design in this garden is rooted in the topography of our own Pacific Northwest region. Often faced with difficult and challenging sites when level spaces are desired on hillside lots, these sites necessitate retaining walls and a means for transitioning from one level to the next. This theme is carried out through a focal of a pond with column rocks bubbling water. A flagstone patio borders one side of the pond with rock outcroppings in the pond extending into the patio. The hillside incorporates more rock outcroppings and pathways bordered with stone to create the terraces ascending the hillside. A gazebo is nestled in the trees at the top of the hill.

Landscapes by Linda gallery page slider image
Landscapes by Linda gallery page slider image

2011 Northwest Flower and Garden Show
LBL Landscape Group
 – designed by Linda Fraser-Zimmer, LBL/ The Landscape Group and Sandra Hasegawa Ingalls, Foresight Designs, Inc. for the Washington Association of Landscape Professionals, King County Chapter.

Silver Medal Award

The Frog Prince with ‘GreenStyle’

Just as the timeless tale of the ‘Frog Prince’ reminds –‘ all that glitters is not gold’, the landscape design of this modern oasis transforms a magical blend of found treasures and lush landscape, for simple elegance that shines. Blurring the lines between indoors and out, the green roof, living walls and rain chain of this enchanting ‘GreenStyle’ retreat, captures liquid gold falling from the sky, nourishing a quiet pool and garden – while the glow of a candlelight dinner or relaxing dip are enjoyed by a warm fireside, as fireflies light a cool evening sky.

Before & After Landscape Renovations – “Redmond Landscape Design Project”

After a long drive way the entry garden is the first thing to come into view. In this landscape design it was important to accentuate the steps to the house with an inviting wood arbor that ties into the architecture of the home. The plantings and the soothing water feature make this a very welcoming entry.

Before & After Landscape Renovations – “Mukilteo Landscape Design Project”

This older home needed an upgrade to the landscape and accessibility for wheelchairs. A larger, more inviting courtyard at the entrance takes advantage of the views and provides easy access to the home. The landscape was planned to be completed in phases. The hard-scaping of the front yard was the first phase.

Before & After Landscape Renovations – “Woodinville Landscape Design Project”

It’s always a delight when a past client moves to a new location and you’re invited to design another landscape for them. What a privilege it was to transform this new property into an inviting entry, and create a park-like setting which also included an inviting outdoor living space.

Before & After Landscape Renovations – Seattle Homes and Lifestyles Magazine ‘Home of the Year’ award 2006 – Landscape Design

A talented and inspired team(Larry Zimmer and Linda Fraser-Zimmer) takes a humble Northwest landscape to award-winning landscape design heights.

Welcome to “Eagles Nest”
As you step out the French doors on to an upper patio terrace of Pacific slate pavers and Roman Pisa walls and step risers, our Northwest style water feature fills your view. The lower patio wraps around a water garden pond and leads to a bridge crossing over to a path and the beginning of” Hodgepodge Alley”, a creation built from years of left-over assorted flagstone pieces set in the path and assorted left-over blocks constructing a raised vegetable garden and a wall around the backside of the water feature. As you continue along the garden path the sound of the waterfalls disappear, but now you hear the trickling sound of the water running in the upper stream. As you round a bend in the path you enter “Linda’s Lane”, a garden path with borders of textures and colors providing ever changing interest. The path ends as you step down natural stone step risers and return to the far side of the patio. The view of the pond and the soothing sound of the waterfalls returns. The Eagle has landed. Eagles Nest is the garden of Larry Zimmer from The Landscape Group in Woodinville, WA. (The large Weeping White Pine that hovers above the pond is said to look like an Eagle coming in for a landing.)

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