Landscapes by Linda, Creative Landscape Design in Snohomish
Landscapes by Linda in Snohomish

Importance of Landscape Design
Linda specializes in creating intimate and enjoyable outdoor spaces that reflect your lifestyle and increase your homeís value. The most important first step to any landscape design project is to start with a personalized design. The design will reflect your personality, style and vision for your outdoor space. You can avoid a lot of costly mistakes such as selection of the right plants for the right place and proper placement of all the landscape elements so that you are not redoing within a couple of years.Landscapes by Linda Icon

Design Questionnaire
These are questions that may be asked when you meet with your designer for the first time.
1. What do you most like about your site?
2. What donít you like about the existing landscape?
3. What specific uses do you want to plan for?
4. Do you have children or pets that will have an influence on your design?
5. If you were to think of various parts of your landscape as outdoor rooms or an extension of your indoor living spaces, what would you call them? Kitchen? Storage? Living room?
6. What is the architectural style of your house? What aspect of it do you want to carry through into the landscape?
7. Is there a particular landscape style you want to use? For example, formal, natural, oriental and cottage?
8. Are there any special plants you want to use or any that you have strong prejudices against?
9. Do you have color preferences?
10. Are you interested in edible landscaping or herbs for culinary use?
11. Does your site require any special screening to ensure privacy?
12. How do you feel about the look and feel of the entrance to your home?
13. Do you have a special need or desire to save water? Attract birds? Screen the wind?
14. How much money have you budgeted for improvements?
15. How much time will you have to maintain it once it is installed?
16. Are you interested in using garden sculpture, water features, or lighting to create a special feeling?
17. Are there any easements, setbacks, covenants or other zoning regulations that will influence what you do?
18. Are you on a septic system or sewer? Do you know where the drainfield is located and septic tanks, if you are on a septic system?
19. Are there any drainage problems at your site that you are aware of?

CAD design images

Landscape Design Process
The design fee is based on $75.00 per hour. At the initial meeting, you will be quoted an estimate for the design. A design contract will be signed with a down payment at that time. A site survey and analysis will be conducted (photos, measurements, plant inventory etc.) of your existing landscape. At our second meeting, we will go over concepts for your landscape with pictures illustrating the ideas and plantings. The size of your project will determine how many meetings we will need. Most designs consist of three meetings. The final meeting will be the presentation of a scaled design with professional graphics illustrating the features in your landscape design. The final payment for the design is due at that time.

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